It seems that during the past few years there is a trend in our society to seek for magical solutions for our problems, such as the guru, the psychologist, the opinions of others, the new book, and all kind of pills, including those aimed to make us lose weight. Now the question is whether these magic formulas can replace the will power.

The answer is that very few things can replace the inner power of the human being to realize any achievement in life, including for losing weight and maintaining it. When we have over weight, the first excuse is that our friends and relatives are eating all the time without gaining weight, and of course this is untrue. While there are some privileged metabolisms, thin people have a natural discipline to eat only what  Leanbean weight loss supplement for women is necessary and only at the appropriate time.

Every day, they use the greatest power in the human being, which is self-observation and the strength of will. Let us be honest with ourselves. If we are for instance 40 years old, we must do a very sincere account about how many times in our lives we have had the discipline to eat healthy foods and just in a proper quantity. Surely, the answer is that we are continuously alternating periods in which we eat properly and doing exercise, with those seasons plenty of sugar, desserts, alcohol and carbohydrates.

Here are some very practical tips to lose weight quickly, very achievable by using only your will power.

Do physical exercises for an hour at least 3 times a week. In addition to the overall benefits to your health, exercise is unbeatable to speed up the metabolism and to increase the muscle mass, which yields in a higher fat burn.

Stop eating sweets, desserts, sugar, alcohol, snacks and foods with sugar, fat and flour. Take it only on some special occasion. Take breakfast daily and have a light dinner.