The FL’s Just Keep on Coming – Blackjack Guru, Jeff Ma’s Brand New FFFL

Ma, together with business partner, Mike Kearns, has enlisted the help of some of the real heavyweights of American sport including Sports Illustrated Magazine, part of the Time Warner stable, who will be dedicated to providing content for the site, as well as handling the sales, promotion and advertising of the fledgling fantasy league.

The beauty of launching a fantasy football league embedded in the Facebook social networking site is the captive audience – statistics indicate there are millions of people online at Facebook on any given day, so instead of enticing prospective players to the FFL, Ma intends to bring the FFL to the people!

It’s not going to be plain sailing for the infant league as they will have to produce something really special to seduce the fantasy fans away from their traditional leagues run by some of the giants of the media sector – ESPN, Yahoo and CBS!

Over 6 Million log on to Yahoo FFL in 2007
Ma is confident he can entice the younger generation to his league although the demographics indicate that most players are ‘rich and robust’ men who have a propensity to beer, technology and fast food! Even if he has to settle for a small slice of the market, it should prove to be lucrative – estimations are that over 6.6 million people visited the Yahoo fantasy football league in the opening month of the 2007 NFL season!

He is predicting his company, Citizen Sports, will rack up a seven-fold increase in revenue boosted by the FFFL and his predictions may not be that far-fetched – in the first couple of days following the launch of the FFL on Facebook, over 100 000 ufabetแทงบอล people had already downloaded the programme!

Virtually all the revenue will come in the form of on-site advertising and Ma has strengthened his position by pulling in some pretty formidable financial backers – Kevin Compton, who owns the San Jose Sharks, part of the National Hockey League and Jeff Moorad, owner of the major league baseball team, the Arizona Diamonds!

Jeff Ma is no stranger to success though, he and MIT blackjack team members, who foxed some of the leading casinos out of filthy lucre, made a small fortune on their card-counting ability and Ma went a step further by writing about his experiences in a run-away bestseller, ‘Bringing down the House’.

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