If you’re like me you probably have played thousands of flash games, but have you ever thought about attempting to create your own? Developing a good game can take anywhere from a few months to over a year, but is the time and frustration really worth it? To answer I would have to say yes and no. If you create something original you will get hundreds and thousands of plays which could churn out some really good earnings.

What exactly do you need to develop an original online game? Here are some personal tips I’d like to give you:

  • Adobe Flash (preferably the latest version)
  • A decent computer capable of testing and running the online games
  • An inventive imagination (very important if you want to create an original game.)
  • Basic to advance understanding on flash programming (Actionscript 2 and 3)


The above listed should get you by just fine, you could alternatively 우리카지노 team up with another friend and split up the coding and graphics/animations. Work consistently on your project, plan a daily or weekly schedule to work on the coding or graphics, planning is a crucial part of creating a well polished and professional browser based game. For example maybe you have a time span of 3 months for developing. Try to determine how many days and hours you will need to complete your work.

Secondly you’ll want to test your work for bugs, this process is known as beta testing, before you release the game as a beta you should test for bugs yourself (known as alpha testing). There are a few large gaming portals out there where you can upload your project for others to leave feedback on, take the feedback and use it to improve any bugs that may be present.

After your game is all well polished and ready to go, try to find a site to sponsor you, if your release is something original/unique they will pay you for letting them brand your project, the amount will depend on how successful they think your game will be. If you can’t find anyone to sponsor your flash project try using preloader ads, the revenue you earn is based off how many people play/view your games, the more sites that pick up your work will result in more plays and could have a really good turn out as far as recognition and earnings go.

To review: Game development is a long and repetitive process but is a great hobby and has became a career for many. Any game has potential, but try to create something unique, after all if there isn’t another game out on the web like yours you will be bound to get many plays. Feedback is also very important, get an idea of what other users have to say, apply that to your game or use the feedback in your future games, after all practice really does make perfect.