College Football – 2008 AP Top 25 Poll Sports Trivia Makes Great Watering Hole Bets

During the pre-game activities and when the post-game festivities are just starting, nothing stirs up interest like a good sports trivia question, and money exchanging hands over who has the right answer. Here are some great trivia questions about the AP Top 25 Poll that featured the 2008 college football season.

Besides myself, only a detail person and a statistics fanatic who would painstakingly chart the entire 15-week season could figure out the correct answers to all of these questions.

A sports nut with a good memory could pay for a lot of pizza and beer with the correct answers to the following questions:

1) Among the 25 teams ranked in the 1st week of the AP Top 25 Poll, only 12 would be ranked in the Poll all 15 weeks. Their rank in the final 15th week poll precedes their name. Who are they? (Answer: #1 Florida, #2 Oklahoma, #3 Texas, #4 Alabama, #5 USC (Southern California), #6 Penn State, #7 Utah, #8 Texas Tech, #10 Ohio State, #16 Georgia, #17 BYU (Brigham Young) and #25 Missouri.)

2) Among the dozen teams that were ranked every week, which team rose highest in the Poll during the 15-week period? (Answer: Utah started at #22 and finished at #7.)

3) Which team fell the most during the 15-week ทางเข้า ufabet มือถือ season? (Missouri started at #6 and fell to #25 and almost out of the Poll.)

4) Because of parity among this year’s 119 Division 1-A teams (also known as the FBS-Football Bowl Subdivison), how many teams made the Poll during the season? (49 teams, or 41%, spent at least one week in the Poll).

5) Every season has some one-week wonders, a team that finally gets ranked in the AP Top 25 Poll and then is gone the very next week, never to return during the rest of the season. How many one-week wonders were there in the 2008 season? (Three-Connecticut, Miami (FL), and UCLA).

6) Many teams are late bloomers who make the Poll at some point and then stay in the Top 25 for the rest of the season. How many teams were late bloomers in 2008?

(Seven-Ball State, Boise State, Cincinnati, Mississippi, Northwestern, Oklahoma State and Oregon State.)

7) Among the late bloomers, which of the 7 spent the most weeks in the Poll? (Boise State, 12 weeks.)